Frequently AskedQuestions
Q: What is
  Best online shopping mall site on the internet who provide compelling shopping experience with economic worldwide delivery services.
Q: What kind of products do you sell?
  • RC hobby - rc helicopter, rc quadcopter, rc tank, boat, gas powered monster truck, gas car, rc helicopter parts, rc tank parts
  • Computer hardwre - AMD cpu, Intel cpu, CPU fan, chassis fan, water cooling system, HDD accessories
  • Tomy - road set, shopping mall, motorway, diecast, tomica model kit
  • Mobile phone - Watch mobile, smartphone, dual sim dual standby cell phone
  • Home electronics - LED bulb, thermometer
  • Ham radio - YAESU handset
  • Camera - Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon
  • Airsoft - airsoft BB bullet, airsoft pistol, airsoft rifle
  • Golf - golf ball, golf club
  • Outfit - T-shirt
Q: Do you ship to my country?
  We are shipping to 99% countries. Please go ahead to create an account, select your country & enter shipping address. If your country is not found on the list, please contact us.
Q: What kind of payment method do you accept?
  We accept PayPal & Credit Card payment. With a legistimate credit card, you can check out instantly by clicking the button. We also accept cash check & moneybrooker.
Q: Does your shipping method provide tracking number?
  Yes, we are using fist class AIR parcel delivery service by the international postal system. You can track it online on our provided web site or you can track it using the same number on your local postal service web site. (e.g. Royal mail, USPS)
Q: Everything are in-stock?
  Yes, all of our listed product which allow you to add to the cart are in-stock. In case there is any exemption, we will reverse your payment with no question ask.
Q: Is it secured & guarrantee to shop here?
  We are well established online shopping mall who engage in online business since 2007. Most payment methods like paypal & moneybrooker assure your payment will be on hold until tracking number is provided. That means you have no risk at all.
Q: Is it okay to purchase from ebay or amazon?
  Yes, you can but ebay does charge expensive final value fee & listing fee which must be covered by a higher listed price whilst Amazon is a nice bookstore definitely. But they do not stock any non-publishing products, these products are provided by a group of independent seller which is nothing guarantee on the quality and they only ship to US & Canada.
Q: I never pay online, is it secured?
  It is important to signup through a 3rd party payment services with the best reputation in worldwide. Therefore, we selected StormPay. Not like some other sites, running their own payment machine. Your credit card number will never be disclosed to us, you can have 100% secured transaction here.
Q: Why PayPal is safest?
  See why PayPal is safest .
Q: Why your price is so competitive?
  We are the direct selling agency of various reputable brands & products, who provide tbe best price & best product quality along with the latest edition for you.
Q: Do you pack my order before dispatching to me?
Yes, your order will be packed in a professional manner.
Q: Shall I pay for the VAT?
  No, since we do not stock our products in your local country, you do not have to pay for the VAT.
Q: Shall I pay for the custom?
  We provide custom frienly packing which minimize the exposure and smooth up the custom clearance process.
Q: Do you provide mass order (wholesale) service?
  We provide wholesale service to company or individual if your quantity is obvious. Please contact us with your order list.

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